If you are new to our parish, or have not yet registered, and would like more information about our church, please pick up a registration envelope at the entrance to each church. You will find a welcome letter, a list of contact names and numbers, a stewardship survey, and a registration form in the envelope. The forms can be completed and returned to the office, placed in the offertory baskets at any of the Masses, or given to Fr Doug.
    We welcome you to our church and are delighted you are with us.
  • Children’s Liturgy of the Word is an age-appropriate Liturgy of the Word offered for ages 3 and up at the 8:30 Mass. No pre-registration is needed. All children are welcome and encouraged to attend. Just before the Liturgy of the Word begins for the assembly, children are invited to go with the weekly leader from the Church to the downstairs hall. During this special time, the volunteer leader guides the children through prayers, readings that are simplified for children and a reflection message based on the readings. The scripture readings used are the same as the assembly uses and the children are encouraged to share the message with their families after Mass.
  • Intentions of the Sick
    If you know someone that may be ill, facing surgery, etc., you can write down the person’s name on the sheet on the small podium as you come in to Mass at both our churches, and names will be read that Sunday during the Intercessions. There’s a new sheet there every Sunday.
  • For the month of April we are collecting Canned Tuna for the Whitney Point Ecumenical Food Pantry.
    Please place your donations in the marked baskets at the entrances of our churches. Thank you.
  • Vacation Bible School News: There is a sign up sheet for anyone who wishes to attend this year’s VBS which will be July 11th through July 15th from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM. There are also sheets posted of supplies and food that we will need.  Please look over these lists and see if there is anything that you wish to donate. Also, we are still in need of additional volunteers, especially someone to do the games for the children every evening. Thank you all and as always if you have any questions please contact Cecelia Carstens at 323-5114.
  • SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, August 21, 2016 for our Annual Parish Picnic. There will be one Mass at 10:30am for all three of our churches. More details will follow.
  • LISLE COMMUNITY GARDEN – The Lisle Community Garden volunteers are providing freshly picked vegetables to the Food Pantry on a regular basis. If you are able to help pick, check out the work schedule on their FB site or the sign near the Lisle Garden on Main St.
  • A donation was received for installation of an outdoor prayer space which has been named “The Ecumenical Peace Garden.”The Peace Garden will include a bricked area, a 5’ statue of Jesus   and a bench. Information regarding this project is inserted into the  bulletin and a sample Peace Brick is available for viewing on the table in the vestibule. Additional order forms are there as well.
  • Your Empty Bottles and Cans With Deposit Returns help fund The CC of St. Stephen-St. Patrick’s Youth Activities,.  They can be deposited in the bin at our Whitney Point Church parking lot. Thank you for your support.
  • Books to Borrow
    Books for our parish program can be placed in the basket at each church setting so they can be processed for borrowing. Feel free to take a book home from the pew racks! There are a variety of topics to choose from!
  • Please Pray For Our Following Friends and Family in the Military:
    PV2 James McGill, Marine PFC John Larkin, Jr.Sailor Isaac Atwood, PV2 Jacob Rau, PV2 Jacob Eckberg, PV2 Gregory Sheehan, Sgt. Heather Fox, SPC Raymond Fletcher, LC USMC Daniel Morehouse, PFC Daniel Esworthy, Captain Caleb Miller, Sergeant Dan Votra, Kris Carstens, Sergeant Joshua Decker, Marine Sergeant Matthew Larkin, Private John Larkin, Jr., USAF Michael Cruz, Sgt. Nicholas Stone, Senior Airman Megan Singleton, OS3 Jonathan Schneider, Staff Sergeant Michael Hetzler, Brett Hayes, Sergeant Casey Kemak, Staff Sergeant Justin Blaisdell, A2C Derek Lescord, LCDR Maria Lescord, ENS Paul McDonald, Corporal USMC Zachary Reardon, Lt. Commander Marvin Joel Scott,III, A1C Brendan Schneider, Marine Lance Corporal Troy Reynolds, and our pastor, Lt. Colonel Douglas Cunningham.
  • If you have a friend or family member serving our country and would like their name mentioned and to be kept in our prayers, weekly in our bulletin, please contact the parish office, 692-3911.
  • If you know someone that is ill, facing surgery, or some other kind of difficulty, and needs our prayers, please call Dottie Angel at 656-9230. Dottie will lead the Prayer Chain we have here at The Catholic Community of St. Stephen-St. Patrick. Supporting each other with the Power of Prayer is the best medicine.